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Wall Street Journal talks voice treatment

• March 19, 2013 • Comments (0)

Great article , audio, and video Friday in the Wall Street Journal, which talks about voice therapy and the medical procedures that can restore voices when conventional speech therapy fails.   Speech therapy sometimes works, and if that fails vocal cords can be injected with collagen substances that “plump up” the vocal cords.  If the vocal [...]

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Quiet restaurants for quiet voices

• March 16, 2013 • Comments (2)

About 95% of the time, I can easily forget that I have a voice disability.   You’d never know I have a paralyzed vocal cord unless I told you.  Except if we’re in one of Toronto’s many loud, loud restaurants, with the hard surfaces, booming music, high ceilings, and everyone screaming to be heard over everyone [...]

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Getting my voice back

• March 4, 2013 • Comments (0)

There’s about a 1 percent change of having your recurrent laryngeal nerve seriously roughed up during a modified radical right neck dissection (a procedure as gruesome as it sounds – they cut your neck half off, and I have the big 24 inch fishhook scar to prove it).  There’s about a zero percent chance of [...]

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Cancer surgery

• February 28, 2013 • Comments (0)

June 14 2004, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.   Dr. Diaz did the surgery, using a laser to cut me open from just below the right ear, looping down above my collarbone and finishing on the left side of my neck.   All in all about 24 inches of scar, although it doesn’t look too bad [...]

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Halfway to $3 million for a chair in voice care!

• February 22, 2013 • Comments (0)

A small team of 8-10 volunteers has raised over $1.65 million towards a Chair in Voice Care and Research at St. Michael’s Hospital (SMH) in Toronto.   A fully funded endowed “chair”, which is simply a permanently reserved bucket of money that kicks off interest every year, is $3 million.    We’re more than halfway there!  This [...]

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