St. Mike’s gets new KTP laser!

• May 1, 2013 • Comments (2)

Just saw Dr. Anderson yesterday, and she told me that 2 generous donors just bought St. Mike’s a $50,000 KTP laser.  This will be the second KTP laser in Canada (the other one is in Halifax).   A great tool for the busiest voice clinic in Canada!

This equipment allows docs to perform laser surgery in the clinic, without putting the patient to sleep.  Dr. A. says putting the patient to sleep and waking them up is “like takeoffs and landings in an airplane – it’s the most dangerous part.” (This is not helping with my fear of hospitals).  This KTP laser is used for treating warts on the vocal cords and throat (papillomatosis), among other things.  These warts can impact the voice, or prevent patients from breathing.  Because these warts frequently recur, some of Dr. Anderson’s patients have had the conventional CO2 laser surgery (i.e., been put to sleep in the operating room) over 120 times.  It will be much safer, less costly, and more convenient to treat these patients while they are awake, in the clinic, rather than asleep in the OR.

St. Mike’s still needs money (about $100k) for the special green light that goes with this laser.   If you’d like to make a contribution of any size to help purchase the KTP laser light at St. Mike’s, please contact Jayne Kozovski at or 416-864-5640.


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Comments (2)

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  1. Brenda says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I have a 5 year old daughter diagnosed with RRP – we are looking for advice to distinguish the difference between microdebrider removal of papilloma vs. a KTP laser, the risks of scarring and if there is treatment for scarring as well as a advice for a referral for an expert opinion where a KTP laser may be used for this condition currently. Please email me if I have contacted the right place. My daughter has experienced 7 surgeries already at this young age – I am terrified she will never hear her voice again or have this disease for the rest of her life. Any help is appreciated.

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