Muskrat watch

• June 25, 2013 • Comments (1)

Hey, Rob (Ford).  I’ve got a giant dead muskrat in the middle of Suncrest Drive (311 reference number 2153840).  (It might be a beaver, I’m not too up on my Canadian flora and fauna).  The 311 guys promised they’d get rid of it within 5 hours (that was at noon today), and here it is 10:30 pm, still got a dead muskrat.   Anyway, after my experience with the water meter (see my next post), I am not holding my breath.  I don’t care if you get the 311 team to make this a priority, or if you and Doug just want to show up after work with a pickup truck and a shovel.  Just move the dead muskrat so my kids don’t have to bike past it, please.   If you do show up (I’ve got loads of Sleeman Ale), please stop in for a beer and I’ll tell you about the water meter.

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Category: City of Toronto

Comments (1)

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  1. Alex says:

    It is quite large! And right in front of the house.

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