KTP laser for vocal fold surgery

• April 7, 2013 • Comments (0)

There is a relatively new technology available for vocal fold surgery, the KTP Aura 532 XP laser, approved for use in Canada in 2011.  It is used for a variety of purposes, including cosmetic, gynelogical, and ear, nose and throat surgeries.  An advantage of this technology over the established CO2 laser is that it can be used in an outpatient clinic rather than the operating room (OR), resulting in a cost per procedure of about $800, compared with $2,400 per procedure in the OR.  The KTP laser (which has an initial capital cost of about $99,000) lowers the use of the operating and recovery rooms.  However, there is only one KTP laser in use in Canada, and there is no published study which indicates that the KTP laser produces clinically better outcomes than the CO2 laser.

Understanding the difference in outcomes is critical for Canadian patients who suffer from recurrent vocal fold warts (papillomatosis), early glottic cancer, and other issues.  It is precisely this sort of clinical review and research that the Chair in Voice Care at St. Michael’s Hospital will conduct.  We are more than halfway to fully funding this Chair, and we appreciate donations of any size.

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