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IMG_4732IMG_3957SAM_0030mel and heatherSAM_0083Today’s the day:  half a century on the planet.  I’m thankful for many things.  But as any woman over the age of say, 10, will tell you, nothing’s better than a good girlfriend.  So I’d like to thank a few of them today:

Lea – June Cleaver’s got nothing on you.  You’re the nicest person I know.  Thanks for laughing at my crazy antics, bailing me out of the occasional minor scrape, and teaching me how to cook spaghetti. You’re probably the reason I made it to 21.

Darriane – how come I had to share the bathroom with Schoeller?

Tricia – the hardest part of leaving Austin was leaving you.   Thanks for making me laugh hard every day we’re together.  And thanks for helping me convince the rest of Dell (circa 1993) that installing software on computers before they left the factory was a great idea.  (I think the universe thanks you for that one).

Holly – you’re my favorite short person.  I love you down to your perfectly pedicured toes.

Melanie – thanks for listening, and for holding my hand and telling me funny stories through all the scary tests.   Your voice calms me down.

Jennifer – thanks for giving me my voice and my life back.  Oh, and I’m starting to like spinach.   Nice work.





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