Biking with the doc

• June 11, 2013 • Comments (4)

So Dr. Anderson and I have now biked for over an hour in Sunnybrook Park each morning, two days in a row.  This is great exercise for me, and gives Jennifer a chance to catch up on her text messages.  Picture me, huffing and puffing, full sweat, cresting a hill, to find Jennifer slowly tooling around the parking lot, one hand on her handlebars, the other holding her smartphone.  At least she rides full speed from her house to mine, and back again (takes her 15-20 mins each way).  Jennifer’s off to London this week for a voice conference with Dr. Martin Burchall (I’ve written a couple of posts about his unique work in regenerative medicine), then we’re set for another ride.

One of my favourite things about Jennifer (beyond the fact that she gave me my voice back) is that she can make me laugh when she’s not even trying.  This is because she is a slightly brainy nerd who says stuff that she doesn’t even know is funny.   (All doctors are somewhere on a scale from “slightly nerdy” to “oh my God, we can’t let him/her talk to real people” ).   After our ride, Jennifer was teaching me how to make fried eggs with a delicious bed of spinach, onions, and cheese (she is forever sneaking vegetables into my food).  She said, “Heather, I am really macerating this cheese over here.  Why don’t you give it a try?”  Macerate?   From the context (something my smart English teacher mom taught me to do), I was able to ascertain that macerate means, loosely translated, “beat the crap out of”, since she was having a hell of a time opening the plastic packaging on the cheese.   Please raise your hand if you’ve used the word “macerate” in a sentence, ever.

Then I asked her why certain foods make us hungry just hours later, which launched an interesting discussion about insulin and blood sugar (which I understood), and why man survived the Ice Age when so many other life forms did not (I kid you not).

Jennifer will insist, “I am not a nerd!!!”  Right.   And it’s all fun and games until someone macerates the cheese.






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Comments (4)

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  1. Jeanne H. says:

    Now you’re speaking my language….but…I macerate fruit with sugar and some sort of booze…that’s truly macerating….and I have used it in a sentence.
    luv you guys,

    • heathertalks says:

      Jennifer, you’ve been vindicated. Two macerators in less than 24 hours. Thanks, Jeanne.

      Note to self: less People magazine, more Cooking Today.

  2. Dad says:

    The only time you are really in “deep doodoo” is when the MACERATOR on your boat fails when you are on a long cruise with a large group!

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