Another restaurant for quiet voices

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Gotta add George to the quiet restaurants list (111C Queen Street East, just east of  St. Michael’s Hospital).  I was there recently with my friend Mary Hallward, a brilliant analyst and money manager, and a straightforward, lovable curmudgeon if there ever was one.   Mary’s “just” my age, but has probably been a curmudgeon since she was, oh, seven.  We sat down, the music was soft, the chairs wrapped in sound-absorbing fabric.  Drapes all around, and seating spaced so that you can hear your dining companions.  Perfect place to have a quiet chat or business discussion.  Mary called her friend, the owner, Mary Aitken, over to complain that the last time she was in, the buffet was serving “cold fish.”  Mary A. explained that this was not an error, but that this particular fish was a delicacy designed to be served cold.   This, of course, did not deter Mary H.

I complimented Mary A. on the quietness of the space, and said it was a differentiator and would probably help bring in more diners.  ”Yes”, she said, “that, and hot fish, apparently.”  Bonus points for an owner with a sense of humour.



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