Heather Simmons

I lost my voice to cancer 9 years ago, supposedly permanently.   Three opinions, 15 months, and one innovative doctor (Dr. Jennifer Anderson, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto) later, I got it back.  Since 2009, I’ve led the small team that has so far raised $1.65 million to establish a multidisciplinary center of voice care excellence at St. Mike’s.   This “chair” (an endowed bucket of money that exists in perpetuity – the interest is used to fund operations annually) would be the first of its kind in Canada.   To help, please make a donation today.

I’m also a mom of four girls, and just recently “retired” (my friends give it 6 months) as CEO of Vital Alert Communication Inc., a maker of underground communications systems, and as Chairman of the Board of FBSciences, Inc. (a life sciences player in the agricultural space).   I help out on the boards of Branksome Hall and O.C.A.D. University Foundation.   I love draft beer, live music, and spending time with my friends, whether in Toronto or Texas.  I’m having a great life, and I am really grateful to Dr. Anderson for helping me live it.


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